Deceived – BOOK REVIEW

Reviewing this book in detail is a tough task because there are loads to tell and I am sure, that I will miss a few parts. I’ll give my best shot






MY RATING : ♥♥♥♥ / 5


This book was sent to me by citrus publishers, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Thank you for trusting in my reviews. 🙂 

COVER AND TITLE: The cover of the book sends a creepy chill down the spine. A girl walking through the woods, she has a bleeding wound in her leg. What does the picture mean? I wondered!

The title ‘deceived’ though a single word, caught my attention. It is often seen that people can be deceiving.

One must read this book to find out why the author chose this creepy cover and the title.


How well do you know your loved ones?

A girl struggling to cope with the murders of her mother and five-year-old brother.

A journalist chasing the ghost of a potential serial killer.

A thirteen-year-old girl who slaughtered her parents. And a revenge-driven psychopath who is about to destroy everyone’s life.

After 9 years, a young writer is still coping with the brutal murders of her mother and five-year-old brother, as she moves into a house of horrors, to start a new life with her lover. Will friends and family be able to redeem Ally out of the impending doom in time? Will her infallible love become the key to the destruction of her already fragile world? Will madness prevail over love; true love over revenge?

Deceived is a gripping psychological thriller that mazes through the deepest, darkest emotions of human mind through the story of a vulnerable girl who treads in the mist of deception bred from a long unforgiven betrayal.

STORYLINE and PLOT :  The author starts off with a small differentiation between psychopaths and sociopaths. The story follows a girl named Allison stone  who is still struggling to cope up with the murders of her dear mother and brother that occurred 9 years ago, she stays with her best friend Sam and visits her dad every now and when possible. She moves in with her boyfriend Danny and is still haunted by her past.

Another end of the story there is a thirteen year old Elizabeth Lawson who murdered her mother and father and is found missing. Steve Thompson is a journalist In the running to find the serial killer involved in the murders of ‘Dewar’.

CHARACTERIZATION : The book has a handful of characters that play a major role in the thriller. One might easily connect with the characters or feel the emotions undergone by each characters.

Elizabeth Lawson- a 13 year old girl who murdered her parents, later turns out to be a psychopath who wants to take revenge. One can easily pity on her after reading her story.

Allison Stone – an independent 23 year old girl who lost her mother and brother when she was around 15 years, who every now and then visits her dad – Stephen Stone.

Steve Thompson – an investigate journalist and cousin of Allison, who ones cuts all the ties with ally on the death of her mother and brother is now back to Dewar, with a personal interest in the murders and wanting to expose the serial killer in town.

Other important characters involve Stephen stone, Danny, Sam, Max – the German Shepherd, Richard Adam.

Overall one must read the book to understand each and every character, feel them to point out your favorites or hated ones. On that note my most favourite relationship is that of Allison and her German shepherd dog – Max, such a pure bond how well max understands Allyson’s every single command and emotions.


The author has done a brilliant job with the entire plot and storyline. The story is explained from each character’s Point of View. I love how though each chapter is from a PoV of a different character is yet easily understood. The plots are arranged in a very pleasing manner. The characters were well described and easy to connect to as I said earlier. Her writing style is quite appealing and easy to understand. As a debutant author, she has done justice to her work. Overall a quick read, an ultimate page turner. If you have a liking towards crime fiction, or a psychological thriller then I highly recommend this book.

Go get your copy of Deceived here !!


STOP right here if you are not looking forward to read the spoilers.

Honestly at different points of the story, each time I had a wild guess on the murderer and as it turned out to be the guesses went wrong until the 3rd part of the book.

At one point where it was told Beth Adams was dating Mr.Stephen stone, I had a very strong feeling that Beth Adams could be the murderer of Mrs.stone.

The character Michael and his Journal entries gave me the chills throughout the book.

At the end of the book I had a few questions left unanswered:

                            How well do you really know your loved ones ? 

  1. Why was Danny shown to act weird in some scenes? To divert the readers?
  2. Could there be twin Adams?? Michael Adams and Daniel Adams?
  3. Did the story actually end with the phone call?? Or even worst …Just began?
  4. Why were a few other few prostitutes killed? was it done by Michael Adams ? If YES… why?

The Four Patriots – Book review

Title : The four patriots

Author : Sumit Agarwal

Pages : 290

Publisher : Rupa publishers

Price : 250 INR


I am not a fan of political fiction, but this book caught my attention, be it the concept of patriotism towards India joining four Youths from different parts to becoming the four patriots.

If you do not believe in “is desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta…”

This book will make you realise what real patriotism is beyond just sharing posts and videos on Facebook and other such social medias.The four patriots will make the youth realise there is much beyond being active on social media, if one really wishes he can work towards making India a better country, it is even better when the population is in millions.


The plot revolves around Varun, an NRI software engineer, Salman, CEO of coffee moments, Raghav, a virtuous politician: and aditya, a businessman, who face one or the other similar circumstances dealing with problems in India. Fate connects these four patriots, who support each other and work towards betterment of India under the guidance of Dr.Sabbarwal.


Each of the characters have a special role, they tend to inspire us in every unique way possible. Each characters have unique likeable traits that adds on the contribution of the story.  While one is smart. the other is brave to face the wrong people etc. One can easily feel the characters, they are described the best by the author.


One must read this book to experience a whole new level of patriotism by the youth of the nation, experience the friendship and hardships faced by the youth. It is a fast paced book with an appealing writing style, the author has succeeded in keeping the readers hooked to the book. Though the book was to the point, it was boring or dragged at few parts, but otherwise a great book. The author Mr. Sumit Agarwal has done justice to his debut novel.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a political fiction / or is someone is new to political fiction this is a go to book.

On an overall basis I give it a 4.5 stars.

Plot : 4.5 / 5

Characterisation : 5 / 5

Entertainment : 4.5 / 5

Cover and Title : 5/5

Take a chance on me – Book review

Title : Take a chance on me

Author : Sapna Bhog

Pages : 337

Publisheer : Aaraban Publishers

My rating : ♥♥♥♥♥ / 5



Enter a world of glamour, wealth and beautiful people. Enter the world of the Sehgal family. A brand new series of books!

KABIER SEHGAL, scion of the Sehgal empire has returned to India to take over the helm of his companies from his grandfather. His first mission is to find out who is selling his company’s secrets. When the suspicion falls on KEYA KARIA, he decides to work closely with her to expose her fraud. He accuses her of something unspeakable. But has he made the biggest mistake of all?

Brilliant, bold & beautiful, KEYA KARIA is at the top of her career. Her past is one big, dead and buried secret and she has her eyes set only on her future. But her new boss, Kabier Sehgal is making her life a living nightmare.She is tough,but can Keya stand against an adversary like Kabier Sehgal? Especially when the laws of attraction decide otherwise?


I received this book in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. The opinions and review are purely my own.

I am a sucker for romance, when sapna bhog approached me for reviewing the book i immediately agreed to it, because duh “Romance” is one among the few bookish buzzwords for me. I am glad i did read the book.

My Overview:

Cover :

The cover is pretty simple that of a Man and women in each others hands, which obviously depicts Kabier Sehgal and Keya Karia. It is a beautiful picture.

Plot :

The storyline begins where Kabier Sehgal the grandson of Janak Sehgal returns to India to take up the Sehgal business on his Grandfather’s retirement. He receives an information that there is someone from his company selling the company secrets hence he is on a mission to find out the culprit while the suspicion falls on Keya karia; who is close to Janak Sehgal.

Keya Karia is been truthful to the company ever since she joined, she faces a lot of drama and tragedy in her life, She is accused of having an illegal relationship with Janak Sehgal. she being a tough lady can she stand up to Kabier?  is the question.

Read the book ” Take a chance on me ” to find out the story of the Sehgal family.

Kabier is the heart of every women, all ladies woo him, but whom does he woo ??

Keya is a tough girl, but what is that one thing that she cannot resist ??

Janak Sehgal why does he have a strong bond with Keya Karia ??

Who is the traitor selling the SEHGAL business secrets ??

Characterisation : 

I do not want to give in about the characters. you have to read and feel the bond, their strength and weaknesses.

I love the bond of friendship between Sheena Sehgal, Raashi Deewan and Keya Karia, they have been childhood friends and all the way till they are grown and working.

Another incredible bond is that between the Sehgal brothers Kabier, Sameer and Rishi, their brotherhood is strong and fun to read.

Also lookout for the traitor, you will hate the individual from the beginning.

Romance : 

I love the beautifully explained romance scenes.

Writing style :

Sapna has put in loads of efforts to make this book a success through her descriptive style. She easily describes dresses, events, people etc such a manner that you get a visual impact of the book.

The writing style of the New adult book( Yes !! please note this is not young adult) is fast paced, easily understood by beginners, a decently fast paced book, with so much of drama, romance, elegance, brotherhood, friendship.


Overall i enjoyed the book one reason being the genre – romance. I do recommend this book to any romance buffs out there ( Also note this is a New adult book.. Plus i do not recommend this book for readers below 18 years of age because of the level of romance in the book).

I gave this book a 5/5 stars not because i might re-read the book ( i may re-read just few favourite parts from the book) but because i am looking forward to the upcoming books of the “SEHGAL SAGA SERIES”

Psstt !! Sapna is also a very sweet person, she was so sweet even when i delayed on putting up a review. Sapna if you are reading this 🙂 you be the one friendly author i speak to.

My Jiffies – Book Review

Title: My jiffies

Author: Priyanka sharma Kaintura

Pages: 233

Publisher: Notionpress

My rating 4/5

The book was sent to me by the author, in exchange for a honest and unbiased review, thank you for your kind gesture Priyanka.


The book titled ‘ My jiffies’ is a very uniquely written book. It has seven categories – orations, Eclogues, Monologues and dialogues, stories, Pathos, satire and sarcasm, and Life Aphorisms and Epigrams.

I was so attracted to the cover, there is a girl looking into the mirror with fairy lights lit around her like fireflies around her which caught my attention.

I have no clue how to start with the review, because this is nothing like a normal book, the author has beautifully described few personal moments she has come across life. I enjoyed few stories, monologues and so on. I had few favourites from every section, few stories were real close to my heart. There were few jiffies which made me think over it, which made me question myself, also made me imagine myself in a few situations.

Oh dear,

Don’t lead me anywhere

I don’t wish to be in a lovelier place

For i am in my dream already

Be with me here

The best part is you need not read these in any order, if you are bored at one section, you can read any other section. The chapters are all easy reads, a very smooth and unique writing style. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a very different reading experience.

I give this book a ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts


UNNS the captivation – Review


Author : SAPAN

Pages : 244

Publisher : Inspire India Publishers

My Rating : 3.5 / 5 stars


*I received this book in exchange for my honest review; this book was not bought by me. Thank you Sapan for the book*


“Of course you know about the seven stages of love, but have you ever lived them?”
Atharva Rathod and Meher Qasim.
Lovebirds since adolescence. Bonded by love, separated by circumstances. They part ways only to meet again. But this time, he is on a secret mission…
 Are they in control of their own destiny, or its their destiny which is making them dance to its tunes? Only time would answer, as Atharva and Meher unwillingly and unknowingly transcend the seven stages of love.
 A quintessential tale of love and romance marked beautifully by its own rustic old school charm.


COVER: I love the cover, it’s a black and white combination cover with a couple walking under an umbrella, it also has a beautiful royal blue rose with the title. Speaking of the rose, it plays a significant role in the story, you will know why once you start reading the book.

TITLE: One would not know the meaning of the title of the book, the title infact builds curiosity in the minds of the reader to discover the reason behind this title; which will be known few chapters in that “UNNS” is a Urdu word explaining one of the ‘ Seven stages of love in urdu’.

CHARACTERISATION:  Atharva is a very strong character with a only weakness – Meher Qasim. He is portrayed to be a very responsible and selfless person since his schooling, he in the near future becomes a RAW agent, again portraying his sharpness of mind, with problem solving capabilities.

Meanwhile Meher Qasim is portrayed to be a very self centered, selfish motive driven girl, whom one will easily hate as the storyline develops. You would come across her selfish motives a couple of times over the chapters.

PLOT: The storyline begins with the story of Atharva and Meher Qasim knowing each other from school all the way till destiny making them meet over time at different places, or should I say a well planned meeting. Few parts of the story quite reminded me of a Bollywood movie which I enjoyed as a child.

Atharva rathod is a well determined studious student from his school, also being the vice caption of a house he takes up responsibilities, he meets meher qasim, he loves her !!  They slowly become friends and soon in a relationship, they break up due to circumstances.

15 Years down the lane !! Atharva and Meher cross a path again in Germany, he is on a secret mission this time – he is a RAW agent. They meet like its destiny, or should I say a cold plan ?? was it destiny ?? or were people involved in them meeting after 15 years.?

Atharva is still in love just like those school days deeply madly in love with his only weakness – Meher. But before he realises, he lose her again.

!! Few years later !!

Atharva and Meher meet again. Are they destined to be together this time ??

You will get all the answers at the end !!

You will find various twists and turns as the story progress.


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Review: A walk in the rain by Udai Yadla



Love is elixir that keeps you alive. Love is poison that kills you. Unreciprocated love keeps you alive but kills every day.
Heartbroken Sunny lives a reclusive life, trapped in the past, living in his memories. He has no complaints about his life but refuses to embrace the present.
Saloni is a prostitute who is desperate to earn money by any means. She does not care about exploiting others to fulfill her purpose.
Fate unites the loner and the prostitute to embark on a life changing journey of retribution and self discovery.

Lovelorn Sunny turns misogynistic after Sandy, the only girl he loved walks away from his life, unannounced. He suffers painful solitude for almost two decades with the relentless haunting of her thoughts. A distressed friend Imran, vows to change his life forever. A surprise planned for his birthday turns into a tragedy that claims the life of his dear friend, triggering a series of unbelievable events. As Imran gets killed by a stranger, Sunny’s calm life suddenly turns into a turbulent storm. With nothing left to live for, vengeance becomes his ultimate mission. His reluctant alliance with a prostitute to trace the killer sets him onto a nerve racking adventure of life and death.

Both are bound to a common goal with different motives but destiny has its own motive. A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions, driven by hair raising twists and turns.

Disclaimer: ‘I received a copy of ‘A walk in the Rain’ from in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.’

My Review:
I enjoyed the overall story . It had a strong emotional roller coaster rides in between chapters.

Keeping the whole review spoiler free 

I loved the friendship portrayed in both sunny’s and saloni’s life, the bond of frienship was very strong.

The quotes and touching lines were heart whelming.
The twist in the story was pretty much predictable right from the beginning…..
I loved the school scenes of sunny and sandy their love was cute and reaxing to read.
I felt there were a few places the story was unnecessarily dragged, which made the story look lengthy and it bored me at few places.

But otherwise this story was written on a good note , also showing the life of a prostitute and what made the two characters namely saloni and pooja  to become(forced to become) prostitutes. A very emotional scene.


  • I liked the writing style
  • Characterization of Sunny and saloni was bang on.
  • A strong bond of Friendship portrayed.
  • Poojas strong and friendly characterization


  • A very Predictable storyline.


  • I had tears in my eyes, when the part where sandy transformed to saloni was told; it was rather a heart breaking scene for me.
  • Imran’s death was unexpected, I never saw that coming.
  • It was guessable for me that Saloni is no one but long gone Sandy.



Review on AQSON LEVEL 1

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TITLE : AQSON level 1

GENRE : Fantasy, fiction

AUTHOR : Sreejib ( Koel Ganguli )

PAGES : 410


RATINGS: ***** ( 5 stars)

I received a review copy of AQSON level 1 in exchange for an honest review. I thank Sreejib (koel) for being so kind enough to send me a hard copy, or else it would have been a great loss not reading this book.

Before I get into the review, I have just have one word for AQSON level 1 – “OUTSTANDING”

This is the best ever Fantasy book I have read this year – 2016 . The truth is I was never a fan of much fantasy books (exception – Harry potter series) and now there’s  AQSON , I am literally obsessing over it now that’s where the author has left us with the book.

I have so much to tell that I might forget to mention a few things, I will always come back and update. I have no clue where to begin from, so let me just dive in to the review.

To be honest I am not a fan of Greek mythology ( I don’t mind reading though ), the characters are basically drawn from Greek myth, the characterisation and plot was so good that I had an instant liking towards Greek mythology.

Kuddos to koel for bringing out such a beautiful and a unique concept which involves politics, college life, angels, weapons, games, magic and what not. This book was definitely refreshing

I swear that there are so many scenarios in this book where you will definitely feel “Oh damn!! I never saw that coming …. I should have known “etc. Likes there’s so much of twists and turns in the story.

I bet no one can ever hate this book and rate it below 4.5 stars, because its soooooooo amazing.


The plot is basically set where Team Lucifer and Team God set a game called AQSON, where the goal of the game is set to be the Indian PM’s position. Both team Lucifer and team God has raised weapons to win the game of AQSON. So winning AQSON is the theme of the book.

On the other end there’s politics happening, and the concept of Indian student politics rises, where a bunch of students from universities join hands to form a student political party called ‘PEERS’ working in unison towards a project called ‘ME’. PEERS work towards achieving it and there’s political fights happening.

Meanwhile team Lucifer makes a counter move and the game AQSON officially begins.

I have kept the plot spoiler free, because the author has taken much effort to make this book a success and by any means I would not spoil that. Adding to that unlike other books people would prefer to read a spoiler free review for such a brilliant plot.


Trust me this book has too many characters, but only a few are the main ones. There’s Yuvrani – the weapon of team Lucifer, she is the Pandora’s Box aka called as pithos. She is smart, brave, and powerful and has complete knowledge of the game and her team. She is portrayed as a very strong player and she has this ability to travel to peoples mind. (Isn’t that super cool??)

On the other hand there’s Toya an innocent, simple girl who believes to be a normal human being, while she had no clue that she is for a reason, a reason that to play for team God. When her identity is revealed she breaks down finding it difficult to accept the fact that she is immortal until the game ends.

Then there is JOB and Vanraj the Guardian angels of Toya and Yuvrani respectively. These angels are the Vice captains of the either teams, and they are given the power to mould/give their weapons the shape they want to. Hence Vanraj moulded pithos in a human form.

You will definitely fall in love with the three other friends of Toya – AJ, Ollie, and Goenka, their friendship element is so strong that we wish we had such friends in real. The author has written such friendship scenes, which make us feel warm. The characters are quite funny at times, we tend to laugh out, and that’s the intensity of the characters.

Not to forget sky, that girl’s characterisation was the best, she is one such character made me laugh over her dialogues.

Who is sky?? shhh .. Well you will know… Read the book

Other characters include Lucifer, God, Karna, Amba, Rahul, appy, Sid, party leaders etc.


–  Plot

– Characters

– Writing style:  The book had to the point, crisp and clear writing. Sometimes when we read a particular book we happen to re-read a few sentences or pages due to its lack of clarity. (Trust me it’s happened to me a couple of times while reading some books.) But koel’s writing style was a Bang on!!  She literally nailed AQSON.

I have to mention this here or I literally die out of excitement… I loved this part where Yuvrani travels into the minds of PEERS – Toya, Ollie, Aj, Goenka, Rahul and Appy. The author had done perfect justice to this part, hats off to her imaginative mind.


Naah am kidding … I hate nothing about the book

How can I hate anything in a book if it is given 5 stars?


This book was one of my wisest choices to review; else I would have missed all the fun and goodness in the book. This book is really captivating, it captivates your heart and soul and still you get to ask more of it.  

I was never into liking politics; this book gave a whole new definition to politics. It took politics to a next level.

I am eagerly waiting to know what happens next, I hope the sequel to this book does justice to the writing style and characterisation without losing its essence.

Have you chosen your team??

I have choose my team and

              The Game does not end here, the Game just began.

  Let the Battle begin!! Let the angels rise!! Let the weapons strike!!

                                Team Lucifer  v/s Team God

This is purely my own work . I have also published the same on storieo to visit that website Click here.

REVIEW: It Happens For A Reason


AUTHOR  :  Preeti Shenoy

GENRE    :  Fiction,Romance

RATINGS :  5/5 Stars



I loved this book, i enjoyed reading it,it had lots of emotions in it, it had not only emotions like love and hatred but also emotions like sadness, shock,jealous and things like that.

I loved the character of Aryan because though he is just 15 years old he was so mature the way he speak and take decisions. I also loved the character of Manav one of vee’s friend ,he was very supportive throughout proving to be a good friend at good and bad stages of life.

I hated the character of Dr.saurabh he was so wierd as he becomes informal one time,when vee message him he does not respond for days and he becomes formal again which i did not like.

I recommend this book for all those who love pets ,who likes to feel the roller coaster ride of being a single parent and face many things in life which happens too soon.


The story begins with the hospital in plot  where Vipasha is coping with her pregnancy and the irony is that She is just 18 years old !!!!! YESSS ….. breaking ties with her family and Ankush- the man whom she was in love with.

Now 16 years later,Vipasha(Vee to her friends) is a mom of a 15 year old son – Aryan, she has two unusual careers – she runs a Dog boarding service – Paw Factor, and is also a gym instructor. Vee shares a real strong bond with her son, he is a very understanding and a supportive son.He hopes that her mom will soon find her prince charming.There is Suchi, her best friend – her soul sister who tries to set up dates for vee, to find her prince charming.

One day unfortunately something unforeseen happens to the dogs, 2 dogs are dead while 3 are in critical condition they are taken to the hospital.Vee and Aryan are very much attached to the dogs and they feel terribly bad about it,things happen and the news reporters publish the negative news about Paw Factor and paw factor comes to an end , when the owners come and withdraw the services.To break free from all this Dr.saurabh  and vee exchange informal talks – about her past.Vee has a secret crush on saurabh. Vee tells about her past.

She says how Sixteen years ago she met Ankush in a ice cream parlour in kerala( where she spent all of her vacations in suchi’s house ).she was comfortable talking with Anjush all the while, they met in kerala twice, he kissed on d last date.It was clear both had feelings for each other.Then Ankush left for Mumbai to finish his course ,suchi and vee back to their convent , vee would mail him every now and then.Later on they happen to meet many times in Mumbai, she also gets to meet Ankush’s friend Manav,they get quite close and vee chat with manav and suchi everyday.On vee’s  18th Birthday they make love , and they made love whenever they met.She gets pregnant one day when she confronts her mom and ankush, she was asked to abort the baby ,But vee was determined to have the baby and grow her kid single parented. That’s how Aryan entered her life.Vee’s Dad was a support came to visit Aryan whenever he could.Manav  was also a great support in vee’s life, he always says to vee “it happens for a reason”

One fine day Ankush returns to vee’s life.Aryan email’s to ankush,and he turns up and they meet,Aryan gets all excited about meeting his Dad for the First time and goes  “dad” every time making vee jealous.Then when after a week Aryan happens to go for his school trip and a news strikes on TV , few kids are washed away from a river bank , where Aryans school has gone for trip .It was a shock for everyone connected with Aryan – Vee, Ankush ,Suchi , Manav .The shock is too much and decided no more to wait instead fly to the spot, during this journey Vee gets to know the new ankush better.Now she accepts him as her son’s Dad.

Later after great struggle they get to know Aryan is safe in a hospital.Everyone is relieved and later when they flee back everyone rejoices  and yes “it happens for a reason” , vee and ankush has a stronger bond now they decide to get married ….

Review: The One You Cannot Have

TITLE :The One You Cannot Have

AUTHOR:Preeti Shenoy

GENRE: Fiction

RATINGS:4.5/5 Stars



I enjoyed reading this book,i gave it a 4.5 stars the content was a little dragging in between which i did not like much… But i really liked the writting style. I like the character of Anjali, the author kept her character lively and interactive, But i did not like Shruthi as a character,i just could not relate to her character it wasnt lively..Overall a good story

i recommend this for a contemporary read

P.S : it has like just 20% of romance in it.


How can someone get over a broken heart ?? Is it that easy to get over someone who disappeared one day who meant the whole world to you with promises to stay together forever ??

This story has three main characters Aman, Shruthi, and Anjali….The story is about the lives of these three characters

Aman’s story is about Aman and his healing heart , aman finds it difficult to move on over shruthi- the Girl who meant everything to him, the girl whom he could sacrifice anything for, the girl who was his whole world.He struggles to move on after 2 years of she leaving his life.Aman leaves for india for his job.

Shruthi’s story is introduced with her husband Rishabh and family asking her to have  a baby, but she refuses as she feels not yet ready to become a become ,the real fact is she is yet not over Aman.Coming days Shruthi and rishabh do not speak to one another …Because Rishabh finds out something about shruthi and this goes on later on shruthi’s in laws visit their house and things happen.

On the other hand Anjali, a column writer for ‘tiara’  magazine, is a cheerfull bubbly girl,who had met aman once through Dipika (Aman’s Boss wife), she is being forced in her home to see a guy and get married, but Anjali has developed feelings  for aman, they decide to meet up.Aman and Anjali meet every now and then.Anjali wants to get married to aman,she confess her feeling for aman,he is not sure of moving on with Anjali.Aman’s Mind says to move on with  Anjali, but shruthis shadow still follows him, and then theres a small blow….. Will that affect Amans life again ? Will aman move on ?


Will Aman’s broken heart be healed ??

Review : The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

TITLE: The Grownup

AUTHOR:Gillian Flynn


RATING: 4.5/5 stars


One of the best book I ever read to be honest,absolute page turner though a quick read.


It has a curiosity raising and attention grabbing start.Every page has a surprise element ,Hats-off to the creative thinking and out of box way of writing an extra ordinary short story.She has written the story such that each moment you wonder “whats next..??”.Gillian nailed it. 
The story starts with the introduction of a young women who basically works as a receptionist for spiritual palms (running an illegal soft-core sex work in the back ).she introduce herself as a vision specialist to those women who come out there expecting a real fortune teller .

One day the young women gets a client who says he is ‘mike audley’ and he loved books he was a fan of “classic stories of the supernatural” and he recommended books to her as well like “the haunting of hill house”, “the woman in white”, since she loved reading too,they even made a private book club. She had to leave because someone else was waiting for her – ‘Susan Burke’,she has come to meet the vision specialist, they have a conversation and says there’s something wrong happening at her house .the young women asks her questions,susan has a stepson- she is asked if the problem at home is caused due to his stepson,susan pays her and leave the place.
  Four days later,susan visit the young women again asking “can things have auras.?”three days later “do you believe in evil spirits.? “and the next day.Susan says her stepson ‘Miles’ was never a sweet person and that he often troubled her and her son and they feel something’s wrong with him ,supernatural things seem to happen .The young women who does not believe in exorcism or supernatural,starts to believe in it when she feels that she’s being watched,every second in carterhook manor.
The story takes off in a breathtaking way,where we find ourselves deeply involved in reading,to know whats next out of curiosity.